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I am not a professional runner nor have I won or even placed in any running events that I have joined in. I consider myself a runner though because I run regularly and I like running.

I watch a lot of youtube videos and read a lot of articles on techniques, form, breathing and etc. in hopes to help improve my runs. I have even shared my passion for running and living a somewhat healthier lifestyle with some friends and colleagues who now join me for regular office runs 2 to 3 times a week.

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More reason why people, like plants, shouldn’t be locked up indoors. Now get out and play!

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Architecture student Hank Butitta bought an old school bus and turned it into a modern home.

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Juicing Recipes
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I’ve been doing a lot of juicing recently, not because of people claiming that you can lose a significant amount of weight in a very short span of time, but because of all the health benefits┬áthat you can get from consuming all those nutrients that come from the fruits and vegetables. Plus it’s a perfect way to refresh yourself from the hot and humid Philippine weather.

Below are some of my recipes that I constantly use for my concoctions:

8/29/13 – added beetlicious recipe

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30 Dr. Seuss quotes
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Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is Youer than You.

These words just the hit bullseye if there ever was a target for it. Read more of the quotes posted after the break.

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For some reason, this video on aging hit something in me that made me want to share it here.

Just think. At 5, 1 year was 20% of your life. At 50, it’s just 2%. Is it any wonder that time seemed to drag when we were kids and turns into a blur as we got older.

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